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This website will guide your visit to a beautiful himalayan country, Nepal.
About Nepal Express

NepalExpress is constructed as a guide for visitors willing to visit Nepal with information categorized on four different categories. i.e. Do In Nepal, Spots to Visit, Information On, and Traveler's Guide. Under the category "Do In Nepal", visitor's can find what can they do in Nepal. Under the category "Spots to Visit", visitor's can find the popular places/spots/destinations in Nepal for tourists. Under the category "Information On", visitor's can find information on currency exchange, ethnic group of Nepal, festivals of Nepal, Hotels in Nepal, Trekking Agents in Nepal. Under the category "Traveler's Guide", visitor's can find information on best time to visit Nepal, custom duties, how to get into Nepal, maps of Nepal, info on Nepal Tourism Board Center, tourist visa to get into Nepal.

The contents of this website is constantly updated to give visitors latest and fresh information. We have found many visitors taking advantages from this website to gather required information about tourism in Nepal.

Our Mission
Our main mission is to guide visitors willing to visit Nepal. We want tourists to get correct information before they visit Nepal so that they can make all the required arrangements before coming to Nepal.

Last Words...
Thank you for visiting NepalExpress. Every day we receive many comments from visitors. We have taken all these comments and queries positively and hope for more comments about the mistakes and changes you wish to bring in this website.

Do in Nepal

Mountain Flight
Experience of going on a mountain flight to encounter the tallest mountains ...

Spots to Visit

Among the ten highest peaks of the world eight Lies in Nepal ...

Information on
Trekking Agents
Trekking Companies of Nepal with its excellent professional members guides heartily ...
Traveler's Guide
Custom Duties
Beside personal effects, foreign visitors are allowed to bring in ...
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